About Us


Timeless quality, made by hand.

"I started Blackburn Goods in 2007 because I simply couldn't find a quality handbag that on market that reflected my personal style. I would buy a handbag whose label read "Genuine Leather" and 3 months later the bag would be falling apart: zippers jammed, threads unravelled, or the strap wore out. It was so frustrating.  At Blackburn Goods, we commit to making our goods from quality materials, after all isn't that what makes them beautiful?  Blackburn Goods combines the quality of handmade with a classic yet modern style. The result is a beautiful product with will last for years to come.

American made has also been an element very close to my heart. I believe that American's would prefer to buy American Made goods and expect the quality to be there. At Blackburn Goods I strive to deliver the quality and integrity that the 'American Made' heritage stands for. "

- Emily